You deserve energy, a clear mind, and confidence in your health. 

Don’t fret if you have been told your symptoms are “normal” – I was told that once, too. Instead of accepting this, I learned what all my doctors were missing, and now I want to help you.

Let’s work together so you take back control of your thyroid health.

How? Through the Sexy Thyroid Solution! It is a personalized approach to your thyroid health that happens in four easy steps:

  1. Testing

    * Functional lab tests shows us the full picture of what is impacting your thyroid hormones

    2. Programming

    * Solutions and timelines are recommended based on your test results

    3. Coaching

    * This is crunch time. We spend 4-6 months together, dedicated to you and your thyroid health

    4. Control

    * You will have the tools and knowledge to maintain your thyroid health on your own as you graduate from the Sexy Thyroid Solution


It all starts with a quick phone call. Book your free consultation and get started on your journey to thyroid health, today.

What do the programs look like?

There are three program options based on the length of time we need together and the level of accountability and personal coaching that you want.

Gold Program

  • The ultimate support program. This is for women who want close, personal and regular support throughout their thyroid health journey. Here, you will receive encouragement and accountability through 2 meetings a month for 6 months. These regular touchpoints make it easy to keep track of your progress and help you reach your long-term health goals through your personalized Sexy Thyroid Solution. 

Silver Program

  • This is for women who want encouragement and support to reach their optimal thyroid health, but are confident they can do the work independently. Here, we will check in on your progress through 1 meeting a month for 4 months. At the end of your Sexy Thyroid Solution, you will feel back in control of your health.

Bronze Program

  • This is for women who are looking to connect with others on their thyroid health journey, but they don’t need accountability, coaching or testing. This program brings you resources to manage your thyroid health on your own timeline.

Not sure where to start? You don’t have to! We will work together to match your goals and needs with the best program to get you results.

Stop relying on coffee to give you energy. Don’t get frustrated if the weight loss isn’t happening.

Now is the time to take back control of your health and find life-long solutions for a happy, healthy thyroid.


I met Angela when I was at my all time lowest. I was a health coach myself, but I worked mostly with nutrition.  I had no idea how to apply testing to any programs. This was a game changer for me!  Angela took the time to explain things in depth to me and I can say now that I no longer have fatigue and my health coaching business is thriving more than ever! 

Jennifer - Health Coach


I am in awe at the knowledge and compassion that Angela has!  I am so excited that I can keep up with my kids again and I have lost all the weight that I gained when my thyroid became very sluggish!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Sally - Stay At Home Mom


I was trying my hardest to address my thyroid myself. I read so many books and did all the research I could.  My doctor was unable to help me so I was ready to give up!  Then I met Angela on Instagram and my life changed!  I am able to work a full day without falling asleep at my desk and I am much productive at my job! 

Christine - Administrative Assistant


Here is an interview with a former client, Samantha:

What was your biggest struggle before we started working together?

I could barely function at work and take care of my kids. And the weight just wouldn’t budge no matter what I did!


What have you tried to help you with your struggle?

I tried every diet program, some thyroid supplements, and even some diet pills as well starving myself and working out 2 times a day almost every day of the week. 

What held you back before we started working together?

I was nervous to try another program since I had tried so many already.  But you were the only one that offered functional lab testing so it would be customized for me.  I was sold instantly when I saw your approach.  

How did my program help you?

I now have lost most of the weight that I put on from my pregnancies and I can function all day with work and my kids with tons of energy.  I don’t drink coffee anymore to keep me going.  

What made you the most excited about your results?

I am so happy that I have answers to what happened with my body and that I now know what to do so that I don’t end up in this horrible state again. 


Who should hire me?

Anyone who is struggling to lose weight or has zero energy.

Is anyone missing out by not working with me? 

Absolutely!  You will get all the tools that you need to lose weight and get your thyroid working properly again when you sign up with Angela.


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