Hi I'm Angela and it is my mission to help

women overcome hypothyroidism 

by going from being confused and frustrated to confident and in love with their body.  I take a completely individualized and holistic approach and utilize lab testing to dig deeper and educate women on nutrition and lifestyle that plays a role in your thyroid health.    

I will show you how to get your thyroid working properly! Are you ready?? 

Can you relate to any of these? Section

You are so tired that you have to take a nap just to get the energy to pick the kids up from school? 

Consider that a thing of the past! 

Your hair is falling out in clumps and you are worried there will be no hair left? 

Don't fret! You will have your luscious locks back!

You workout everyday and watch what you eat yet you can't fit in those pair of jeans still? 

Your time is coming to love yourself in your clothes again!

You have brain fog so bad that you forget which road to take to get to work or home? 

Yep!  I get it!  Let's get to the root cause PRONTO!

Why should we hang out?  I have helped so many women learn how to address their sluggish thyroid and gain the confidence in themselves again. My holistic healing approach will help you discover the root reasons why you are not feeling like yourself.  We will keep digging and I will also hold you accountable. Together we create a plan that is simple and effective to implement in your busy life.

Want to know more about me? 

I became interested in the healthcare field in high school when I took my first anatomy class. It was then that I knew I wanted to pursue a career related to the body and how it functioned. After I graduated high school,  I earned a degree in Physical Therapy. I worked in outpatient orthopedic and sports clinics for 8 years but at that point, I knew I wanted something more. I became certified in personal training and then went on to get certified in health coaching.  My passion for nutrition and lifestyle change began to grow even more when I was struggling with my own health issues. 

What Others Say


I first came to Angela because I was chronically fatigued, having trouble losing weight and experiencing brain fog. Angela suggested that we run some tests to get to the root of the cause. The tests indicated that I had super high calcium levels, I had Hypothyroidism and therefore my hormones were imbalanced.  

Angela not only guided me throughout the process and gave me protocols to help me heal but she explained why and counseled me through each step. She was quick to respond, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I truly believe she cares just as much as I do about my healing. 

Because of Angela I am now down 12lbs, have my energy back, my libido has improved and my brain fog is gone. My life has changed for the better with her help. I highly recommend using Angela for your health needs or concerns. She is simply the BEST practitioner I have worked with. 


Personal trainer


I met Angela through a mutual friend and am beyond grateful for this amazing soul.  When I met her, I was depressed, overweight, exhausted, and completely stressed out trying to be a single mom to 3 little ones.  I didn't even know where to start but Angela was very compassionate and walked me through the options and what she felt was the best place to start.

I began my journey with a hair test only to discover that I had a severely sluggish thyroid.  After her recommendations, we dove deeper and found so many other things going that were contributing to my symptoms.  

After a few months, I was feeling so much better with my energy back, my hair wasn't falling out in clumps, my depression had almost completely subsided and I had so much more energy to keep up with my kiddos.  I am so grateful for the work that Angela does and highly recommend her services.  


Stay At Home Mom


I can not put into words the amount of respect and gratitude I have for Angela.  She as truly transformed my health and it is frightening to think of where I would be if I had not found her. 

My journey began at 42 years old when a broken foot landed me in the ER.  The broken foot healed in 6 months but the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism was just beginning.  Routine bloodwork showed that i was hypothyroid so they gave me a scipt for Synthroid......one pill a day so I thought that was easy enough!

Fast forward 6-12 months later......I was so lethargic and unable to continue at my physically demanding career, I am nearly bed ridden and I am 50 pounds heavier!  My first stop was my family physician.  I was told having no energy and unable to maintain a healthy weight despite all diet and exercise efforts was totally normal.  He said "that is what happens when you turn 40.....you just need a script for an Amphetamine".  I refused the script and the absurd diagnosis.  I then started doing my own research and decided to go a more natural routine with functional medicine.  Over the next couple of years I tried several holistic providers with little to no improvements.  I always got the impression they just didn't understand the struggle and didn't care much because let's face it......hypothyroidism really isn't life threatening.  This all changed when I met Angela!  

What makes Angela different from the rest?  Angela is the only person I have found who truly cares and totally gets it.....she has been there, done that herself!  She has all the knowledge and tools to get anyone back to living their best life.  If you are looking for a quick, easy, cheap fix then go to the doctor for a script.  Angela, however, is the REAL DEAL and your health is worth it! 


Health enthusiast

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