Struggling to lose weight and feeling tired all of the time?

Join my list and I will tell you 5 reasons your thyroid could be sluggish and what you can do to help you lose weight

 and gain your energy back. 

5 Causes

of Hypothyroidism


What can you expect in your guide:

  • What are some of the causes of hypothyroidism  
  • How gluten affects your thyroid
  • What steps you can take to nourish your thyroid 
  • The connection between stress and the thyroid

About Me:

Hi, I am Angela Brown.   I wasn’t always as health conscious as I am today. I’ve always had an interest in sports and working out,  but living a healthy lifestyle was a battle for me. I didn’t eat the best and burned the candle at both ends.  I became interested in the healthcare field in high school when I took my first anatomy class. It was then that I knew I wanted to pursue a career related to the body and how it functioned. After I graduated high school,  I earned a degree in Physical Therapy. I worked in outpatient orthopedic and sports clinics for 8 years but at that point, I knew I wanted something more. I became certified in personal training and then went on to get certified in health coaching.  My passion for nutrition and lifestyle change began to grow even more when I was struggling with my own health issues. I became certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to get more answers for myself and to help my clients even gain control of their health.  I have set out on a mission to help with women overcome hypothyroidism so they can lose weight and get their sexy back.  

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