What is the best thyroid medication?

Did you know that the typical thyroid medications that are prescribed aren't actually the ones that help most people with a slow thyroid? And why a full panel is important to address this? Then you must watch this video

I see so many women struggling with their meds and ready to give up!  They are ready to throw in the towel because they still have slow thyroid symptoms and they feel they are not being listened to!

I will teach you:

* What are the typical thyroid medications
* Why you need a full thyroid panel to assess medication need
* What you can tell your doctor

Unfortunately the majority are taking something like Synthroid or Levothyroxine which is a T4-only medication. Why does this matter?

T4 is NOT your active thyroid hormone! T3 is your active thyroid hormone! And most women are NEVER told this!

The importance with this is that the majority of women with a slow thyroid have a difficult time converting T4 over to T3 (which is necessary since you only make about 20% of the T3). 

And your thyroid symptoms can definitely get worse when you are taking the wrong medication.  Things like weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, and anxiety are some common symptoms of low thyroid, especially in women.

Watch my video to learn all about thyroid medication and what you can talk to your doctor about regarding this.

I hope you learned a thing or two why it is important to get a full thyroid panel and to assess your medication.

If you need help with that, then please reach out to me.  

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Angela Brown

Angela Brown is a thyroid expert helping women who suffer from hypothyroidism and can't lose weight. She is the creator of The Sexy Thyroid Solution focusing on nutrition, hormones, sleep and stress reduction to help women lose a few pounds and get their sexy back.