Normal TSH doesn’t mean ‘normal’ thyroid

Have you ever been told that your TSH level for your thyroid looks normal yet you feel terrible? Or do you struggle to have your doctor even check your TSH levels? Then you must watch this video. 

Most people don't know that all thyroid function actually starts in your brain! It is told to send out something called thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). This is what a doctor will usually have checked on a blood test.

That TSH goes right to the thyroid and tells it to make some hormones!  This is when it produces T4 and a little bit of T3. The T4 has to be converted over thought to T3 (this is your active thyroid hormone) in order for your body to actually use the hormones.

This is when I see so many women struggling with weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and so on from hypothyroidism or just a slow thyroid in general.   And you can definitely have normal TSH without a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.  

Watch to learn:

* What is TSH 
* What other markers are important
* What can you do about it

Unfortunately, I see so many people that have normal TSH so they are told their thyroid looks "normal". But what about your other markers like Free T3 and Free T4 and even Reverse T3? 

Or what about your mineral and metal status, your gut health, and your sleep and stress levels? These all can affect the thyroid! So only checking TSH is a disservice to you! 

So what else do you need checked? And why is this so important for your thyroid health? I will show you in this video!

I hope you learned  why it is so important to keep digging when you are told that you have normal TSH and you still feel terrible with all of the typical hypothyroid symptoms.

If you need help with that, then please reach out to me.  

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Angela Brown

Angela Brown is a thyroid expert helping women who suffer from hypothyroidism and can't lose weight. She is the creator of The Sexy Thyroid Solution focusing on nutrition, hormones, sleep and stress reduction to help women lose a few pounds and get their sexy back.