Slow metabolism and weight loss

Having a slow metabolism can be so frustrating! Weight loss is difficult and you feel like you are spinning in this viscous cycle trying to lose weight and keep your energy levels up. 

In my new video I discuss:

* What foods can help you with your weight loss
* What foods will make your metabolism worse
* Why certain foods can cause weight gain

If you are having a difficult time losing weight (or you continue to gain weight) then you must consider your metabolic rate and eat for increasing that metabolic rate. The thyroid hormone can have so many effects on the body so eating for your metabolic rate is crucial to keeping symptoms away for a slow thyroid or potential hypothyroidism.  

How do you do that? Can you actually increase your metabolism by eating for your metabolic rate? I will show you in this

I hope you learned a thing or two from why it is so​ to be mindful of your eating style so that your thyroid is happy and so that weight loss is much easier, especially if you have a hypothyroidism diagnosis. 

​So many women suffer from symptoms of a low thyroid (without a diagnosis) and their eating style plays such a big role in this.  

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Angela Brown

Angela Brown is a thyroid expert helping women who suffer from hypothyroidism and can't lose weight. She is the creator of The Sexy Thyroid Solution focusing on nutrition, hormones, sleep and stress reduction to help women lose a few pounds and get their sexy back.